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Campus Consecrations

On May 13th, each St. Joseph Catholic Academy campus will be consecrated to Jesus Christ through Mary. By consecrating our campuses, we are putting ourselves in Mary’s hands, for her to intercede on our behalf. As you know, our mission at SJCA is “cultivating exceptional scholars to know, love and serve Jesus Christ,” so we are asking for Mary’s blessing at each of our campuses to move closer to Jesus.

Beginning on April 30th, we will pray a novena on each school day leading up to the May 13th consecration. Daily prayers, reading, and some reflection notes have been sent home with each family so that they can continue the discussion with at home.  

On May 13th, each campus will pray a decade of the Rosary and place Blessed Miraculous Medals around their campus grounds. Parents and parishioners are invited to join us!

St. Gianna 8:30am
Cathedral 8:00am
St. Francis 8:50am (after Mass)
St. James 8:40am (after Mass)
LeBlond 8:50am
What is Marian consecration?
“Consecration” is the act of dedicating something to a “sacred purpose.” “Marian” refers to Mary, the most Blessed Virgin, and Mother of God. When we put the two terms together, we understand that Marian Consecration is the act of entrusting our souls to Mary. We look to Mary as our spiritual Mother and ask for her guidance to grow in holiness and deepen our relationship with Him.

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.” - St. Maximilian Kolbe

Why consecrate yourself to Mary, Our Mother?
Many people will ask, why not just consecrate yourself to Jesus? Marian consecration is consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary. Through Marian consecration, we know Jesus more fully through Mary’s love for Him and the entire world.

“Let us run to Mary and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”  - St. Francis de Sales

Thank you to Blessings for donating the Miraculous Medals to SJCA!

Natalie Newville, President
St. Joseph Catholic Academy

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