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Catholic Education has never been more accessible!


In 2021, Missouri enacted the MOScholars initiative which provides options for Missouri families, allowing them to seek alternative educational opportunities in our Catholic Schools (diocesan, parochial, and non-diocesan). 

This program is only made possible when Missouri citizens direct up to HALF of their annual state income
taxes to Bright Futures Fund to be used for scholarships for children to attend Catholic schools—at NO COST to them!​​​

There are TWO pathways for students to qualify:

Pathway #1

  • Students with an IEP or ISP

    • Students with an IEP

    • Students with an ISP developed under IDEA standards

    • Students must live in Kansas City or surrounding municipalities with a minimum population of 30,000

Pathway #2

  • New Enrollee

    • Students who have been enrolled in public school 12 months prior or entering kindergarten or first grade – AND –

    • Make no more than 200% free and reduced income guidelines

Pre-screening for Families

Determine if your student is eligible for up to $6,375 in scholarships to attend a campus of the St. Joseph Catholic Academy!

Tax Credits for Donors

Direct up to half of your annual state income taxes to be used for scholarships for children to attend Catholic school...all at no cost to you!

The Bright Futures Fund is a certified Educational Assistance Organization for the MOSCHOLARS K-12 Scholarship program in Missouri.  

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