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The Opportunity

MOScholars was established by the Missouri General Assembly in 2021 to provide educational opportunities and resources to Missouri students and families. The program provides options for eligible families, allowing them to seek an array of alternative educational services ranging from private schools to therapeutic services.


The law provides state tax credits for contributions to approved, non-profit Educational Assistance Organizations (EAOs). These EAOs use the contributions to award scholarships to Missouri students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and students living in low-income households.

Student Eligibility: To qualify you must meet the general residential requirement AND one of the two pathways: 1. IEP qualification or 2. Household income guidelines as set forth in the MOScholars program.


Pre-screening for Families

Your student could be eligible for up to $6,375 in scholarships to attend a campus of the St. Joseph Catholic Academy!

The Bright Futures Fund is  a certified Educational Assistance Organization for the MOSCHOLARS K-12 Scholarship program in Missouri.  

Tax Credits for Donors

Individuals and businesses must reserve tax credits prior to making a contribution to a certified Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) for the MOScholars Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program.
The minimum contribution amount is $500.

Parent Handbook

Provided by the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, this serves as the authoritative source on program information.

Yes, I want to learn more!

Please send us your information and we will send you the link to begin the preliminary screening process. 

MOScholars for the St. Joseph Catholic Academy is funded through the Bright Futures Fund of the Kansas City - St. Joseph Diocese.

We will contact you soon!

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