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St. Gianna Early Childhood Center

  • Parents are welcome to visit the center any time throughout the day.

  • Staff individualizes lesson plans to meet the growing needs of children.

  • Healthy nutritious meals are served family style.

  • Parent-teacher conferences occur 2 times a year to discuss progress and set goals.

  • Staff participates in professional development in child development, parent relations, and CPR.

  • Each classroom has a daily schedule that includes outdoor play, reading, meals, rest time and active learning.

  • Materials are placed on low open shelves where the toys are accessible to the children.

Peace of Mind

Ready for School

We're hiring!

Know anyone looking for a rewarding career working with children? A college student looking for a job with flexible hours? Send them this way! 

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6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Monday through Friday



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